Custom Designed
Automation Equipment

  • Full in house turnkey capabilities from design, manufacturing, wiring, assembly, programming, installation, training and service.
  • Innovative designs in a broad range of markets served brings a broad range of experience to serve our custom capabilities.
  • Customers can choose from CMI standard machine chassis platforms or custom designed to best suite application.
  • Design and construction of inline,rotary indexing, continuous motion, power/free, servo drives and robotics.

Standard Equipment and Chassis

Continuous Motion
Multiple Piece
Assembly Machine
Indexing Dial
Multiple Piece
Assembly Machine
Continuous Motion
Cap Closing
Closure Lining

Equipment by Application

Consumer & Household Automated Assembly Equipment
We custom build automated equipment for multiple-piece assembly, cap-closure, and cap lining applications of household products.
Medical & Pharmaceutical Automated Assembly Equipment
We manufacture custom automation equipment for the medical/pharmaceutical
Fully Automated Electronics Assembly Equipment
We specialize in the production of fully automated, custom programmable equipment for electrical and electronic component.
Food and Beverage Automated Assembly Equipment
With extensive experience in equipment building, we can manufacture an entire dispensing unit or specific cap closing/packaging units.

About us

Central Machines, Inc.

Through state-of-the-art prototyping and process development, we provide custom high-speed assembly machines for virtually any industry. We utilize the latest machine vision systems technology to ensure each machine we manufacture meets our clients’ guidelines and specifications.

We specialize in the design and construction of in-line, rotary, indexing, continuous motion, power/free, and contact insertion process equipment.

Automation is a necessity for all types of manufacturers; pharmaceuticals, electronics, electric controls, automotive, plastics and packaging. Wherever there is a need for fast, efficient and repetitive assembly of parts, you will find our equipment. When it comes to custom assembly systems, Lincolnshire, Ill.-based Central Machines Inc. offers some of the most innovative automation systems in the industry. The company specializes in continuous motion.

Proudly manufactured in the US and distributed Globally.



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