The standout feature of Central Machines Continuous Motion Multiple Piece Assembly Machine is a high production rate. These machines are best suited for smaller parts requiring simple operations executed in multiple steps.

Once the design criteria has been established, our engineers and machine builders will custom design innovative machinery to meet your high volume production needs. Our continuous motion equipment provides excellent repeatability, cycle after cycle, due to our reliance on mechanical motions. Our machines are built in-house, which ensures customers get reliable machines and one-stop accountability. Our machine shop is outfitted with all the conventional and CNC equipment necessary to manufacture all components of our equipment in house.

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Our machines are designed to be ergonomic and user friendly from programming to final unloading. A color display touch screen panel is the main user interface with the machine.

From each and every machine our customers can expect longevity and reliability due to the use of mechanical and servo driven motions. Our skilled work force is all under one roof, allowing for complete construction and product accountability within our shop. We use both conventional and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM and wire EDM machines to fabricate the components.

  • Capabilities
    Production Rate Ranges80 to 1300 Parts Per Minute (dependent on number of spindles)
    FeederType OptionsCentrifugal
    Step Feeders
    Sensor CapabilityVerify product has no defects
    Verify Product was assembled correctly
    Verify Product was loaded into the dials
    Verify that products with defects are removed
    Machine Shop CapabilitiesBuffing
    CNC Machining
    Wire EDM Machining
    Custom Services24/7 Service
    Complete Machine Programing
    Custom Build Manufacturing
    Functional Testing
    Innovative Machine Design
    Installation At Your Location
    Retooling and Upgrades of our machines and our competitor’s machines
    Stand Alone Machines
    Training Your Staff
    Turnkey Systems
    Wiring and Assembly
    Fabrication Materials Used For Building Chassis and ToolingAluminum: 6061, 2024
    Cold rolled steel bar and plate stock; 1008,1018, 1020
    Heat Treatment of Materials Available if Necessary
    Sheet Metal (8-14 gauge)
    Stainless Steel : All grades
    Tool Steel: CPM, 10V, D2, A2, M2
    TolerancesOperating Placement: +/- .002
    Tooling tolerance: +/- .001
    Core Competencies Cap Closing Machines w/ max. 550 ppm
    Cap Lining Machines w/ max. 1200 ppm
    Continuous Motion Assembly Machines w/ max. 1300ppm
    High Speed Indexing Assembly Dial w/ Typical min. 25 ppm to max. 150 ppm.
    Walking beam-type transfer systems
  • General Machine Description
    The Continuous Motion Multiple Piece Assembly Machine is a self-contained unit, featuring feeder bowls, and inline tracks. The machine is configured with multiple continuously rotating dials, mounted horizontally to transfer the product through the assembly, testing and inspection processes.

    The machines include the following standard features:

    • Feeder bowls to orient product.
    • In line tracks to feed product to the continuous motion dials.
    • The machines can be configured with upper, lower and horizontal cam driven tooling.
    • The lower dial tooling can be equipped with cam driven spindles with tooling.
    • An outer cam will allow each spindle to move up and perform an operation.
    • The upper tooling dial can be equipped with cam driven spindles with tooling.
    • Shift register tracking system will monitor good and bad parts thru the system.
    • Touch screen type operator control panel with message display to indicate functionality and spindle monitoring.
    • If the product fails any test or inspection, the product will be designated as a reject and removed from the dial.
    • A fixed cam will divert completed assemblies to an eject chute equipped with a pneumatically operated box diverter.
    • An air blow will remove rejects from the dial and blow them into a reject chute.

    The machine is constructed with station tooling mounted to a ground steel top plate supported by a fabricated steel base. Mechanical drive, pneumatics, and electrical equipment are all hard mounted to the base. Machine components are black oxide, anodized, plated, or painted as necessary. All painted components will be painted with an oil base machinery enamel. Perimeter guarding consists of polycarbonate panels this protects your employees from pinch points and rotating areas.

  • Design Options
    Types of Continuous Motion Transfer Systems In-line product movement
    Rotary product movement
    Feed SystemsVibratory feeders
    Centrifugal feeders
    Water fall feeders
    Step feeders
    In Feed SystemsPower driven conveyors tracks
    Regenerative blower tracks
    Compressed air tracks
    Vibratory inline tracks
    Product Placement DetectionSee through fiber optic sensors
    Convergent beam sensors
    Laser sensors
    Probe tooling with sensors
    Product Assembly TypesSnap together
    Interference fit
    Ultra sonic welding
    Heat staking
    Spin welding
    Induction welding
    Conduction welding
    Product Assembly TestingVision system inspections
    Probe tooling with sensors
    Laser sensors
    Leak testing (pressure or vacuum)
    Spark testing
    Hi- Pot electrical high voltage testing
    Go / No go tooling gages
    LVDT force testing
    Automatic ejecting of product to sampling bins
    Product IdentificationLaser engraving
    Ink jet printing
    Pad printing
    Pin stamping
  • Additional Options
    Pre FeedersElevator hoppers
    Vibratory hoppers
    Live bottom hoppers
    Pack Out SystemsCarton handling systems with powered or roller conveyors
    Robotic packaging
    Two position carton diverters
    Operator InterfaceTouch screen with machine diagnostics and data acquisition
    Push button
    Message display units
    Placard displays
    Auxillary DialQuality sampling bin
    Vision inspection