We specialize in the production of fully automated, custom programmable equipment for electrical and electronic component assembly. Machines for electrical connector assemblies, pin insertions, semiconductor wafer assemblies, and several other applications can be built to exact specifications.

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Vibratory bowls or inline feeders for feeding electronic components into machines are integrated in our assembly machines. Special options for component orientation, parts handling, and high speed stitching operations can also be provided. We custom build automated equipment for assembling mezzanine/stacking connectors, VHDM (high-density) connectors, and back panel connectors in different configurations. Machines for inserting pins into electrical housings, stitching semiconductor wafers with signal shields, and numerous other assembly operations are also manufactured by Central Machines.

We have standard designed machined chassis and stitching heads for the electrical connector industry. This allows you to choose the appropriate machine for a specific application. Control panels, and programming options can be integrated to make the machine more user-friendly.

From each and every machine our customers can expect longevity and reliability due to our use of mechanical and servo driven motions. Our skilled work force is all under one roof, allowing for the complete construction, and product accountability, within our shop. We use both conventional and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM and wire EDM machines to fabricate the components.


ApplicationsElectrical Connector Assembly (mezzanine /stacking connectors, VHDM (high-density) connectors, back panel connectors)
Pin Insertions into Housings
Semiconductor Wafer Assembly
Types of Machines AvailableIndexing Dial Multiple Piece Assembly Machine
Pick and Place Machines
Carousel Machines
Servo/CAM Driven Stiching Heads
Walking Beam Machine
Custom Designed Machines
Machine Production Rate20 to 1300 ppm or more
Feeder TypeCentrifugal Feeders
In-Line Tracks
Vibratory Feeders
Safety Guarding OptionsGuarding for pinch points and rotating sections
Perimeter guarding with clear polycarbonate panels
Electrically interlocked guarding
Safety Relays
Light Curtains
PLC Integration Supplier OptionsAllan Bradley
Or Customer Specified
PLC Direct
Testing ProcessHypot test for electrical test on connectors

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