Thanks for the great work with this equipment. It’s running without any issues and the process is (more) friendly than other induction machines we have in the plant.

- Sonia

I appreciate the quick turnaround. It has been a pleasant experience working with everyone at Central Machines and the cap closer works well. We have closed over 23 million caps to date.

- Nick

Thank you so much for turning around those new upper punches which replaced the ones that were lost. We also appreciated the help getting them to us so we could run the mold. Your effort was much appreciated!!

- Dan

I appreciate the willingness to go beyond expectations!

- Larry

The machine went together nicely and we have been running since Saturday afternoon. I appreciate everything you have done to get us up and running.

- Dan

You run a really great ship.

- Mark

The insertion machine has performed well.

- Brian

The machine has been running great. Thank you for everything.

- Cindy

The die you sent last week dropped right into our press without a glitch! Thanks for expediting this tooling for me. With your help, we were able to deliver products to our new customers “on-time”.

- Tom

The machine is running great and the owner and global manager were impressed when they saw it running last week.

- Dietmar

Thank you for the help and support on all the projects we worked on together. You should be proud of the fine team of automation and tooling professionals you have put together. The companies like Central Machine are the backbone of American manufacturing capability and competitiveness.

- Greg

Thank you for being fair with the cost of this project. It is very much appreciated and a true pleasure to work with such an honest and reputable supplier like Central Machine.

- Scott

I have full confidence that Central Machine will support the equipment. I have no problem accepting delivery of the equipment before we do a real FAT. Given the history of the closing equipment you have delivered to us in the past, I am 100% confident this equipment will function as intended. Peter, I’m confident in what you guys build and you have a history of standing behind your work and have always supported us well.

- Aaron

I really appreciate that you acted so quickly in trying to resolve our issue. Thank you so much for your continuous support!

- Lito

Everything has been working great, thank you.

- Stan

CONGRATULATIONS! We commend you on your continuous excellent performance and urge you to make improvements whenever possible.

- Daren

We are very pleased with our machine and appreciate the fact that you made time to make a “simple” machine for us, rather than the more sophisticated machines you are accustomed to making.

- Tom

I have had positive experiences with your company in the past and hope to share those  in my new position.

- Todd

The advice you gave regarding the Filling Machine worked like a charm! No issues for the first time in weeks. So we all thank you! Thank you again for all of your help and consulting!

- Linda

Please accept these small gifts as a token of North America Jet’s appreciation for the small, yet highly important, walk-in jobs that you have so graciously done for us in a timely and professional manner. I commend your company and personnel for the extra steps you take to ensure that a very small customer, like myself, is given the same treatment as I am sure your larger accounts are afforded. The workmanship you have shown on these jobs is nothing short of perfection. Once again, North American Jet and myself thank you.

- Rob

This note is to express and document my appreciation for your quick response and professionalism you have shown regarding our start-up of the subject machine. [When jamming was reported], you changed your busy schedule and came up here to help. Limited on what you could do [on location] [lacking] the proper tools, you were able to get us up and running. You acknowledged, and we understood that there was still some slight scuffing. [In spite of] a plan in place to resolve these open issues when the run was finished, our Quality Dept. stopped the run until all scuff marks were resolved. Again, we reported that we have not been able to resolve our quality problems and yet again you responded like we are the only customer you have. I have been in your shop and know that is certainly not true! I hope your other customers are not jeopardized by our needs. As soon as you were told that we had to be in full production in just two (2) working days, you came up with the right plan.

- David

I just wanted to send a follow-up note to thank everyone for the fine visit we had at Central Machines yesterday. It looks like the automation is coming along well and the project is near completion. The equipment is progressing nicely, is fully assembled and we left with a lot of confidence in the job being done right and on-time.

- Brian

You did an outstanding job for us. Your designers were very informative and accommodating; we give great credit to Central Machine!

- J.

Thank you for confirming the costs and we once again are grateful for Central Machines’ help. Your contributions and diligence have helped to remove a production constraint for this launch. It was very reassuring to have the resources available to support this initiative. Please pass along our sincere thanks, especially for his willingness to work through the weekend.

- Kurt

You are on my number 1 list for automation projects.

- Boris

We were looking at purchasing a third copy of the existing closing machine, however, due to the poor condition of existing machines and what I’d call a less than optimal design (they are not Central Machines) this does not seem like the best route to take. I’d like to get a quote from you for the purchase of 3 brand new closing machines, duplicating the design and construction, controls, visual systems, etc. you provided us with the last equipment as well as two new sorters to feed them.

- Aaron