Automated assembly machines for the pharmaceutical and medical industries comply with rigorous standards for performance in control room environments. This type of equipment also follows tooling and finishing specifications that meet or exceed the demands of the industry.

Since 1995, Central Machines, Inc. has manufactured custom assembly machines, filling, part handling, centrifugal feeding, and high-speed vibratory feeding equipment that complies with the high standards of the medical industry. We rely on premium stainless steel for fabricating medical automated assembly machines, and our equipment guards are made of easy to clean and highly transparent clear polycarbonate. With our custom automation equipment, you can achieve output ranges of 20 to 1300 ppm, allowing you to accommodate production volumes of various sizes.

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Automated Assembly Machines for Medical Industries

Pharmaceutical and medical automated assembly machines simplify complicated assembly processes and provide high-speed results. Automated medical assembly, inspection, and test equipment are vital to manufacturing surgical, medical, and healthcare equipment that meets strict standards. Machines and equipment must meet all requirements provided by the FDA for manufacturing medical products.

At Central Machines, we can design and build custom machines to meet a range of medical and pharmaceutical requirements. We can also meet various dimensional requirements and functional specifications. Our medical assembly and test equipment automate your processes to provide optimal efficiency.


Automated medical assembly machines are the optimal solution for assembling complicated devices and products that require careful handling to meet safety and quality control standards. Custom assembly machines offer performance in the following assembly and testing applications:

  • Fitments for IV Bags
  • Syringe Assembly
  • Closure Assembly
  • Assembly of Inhalers, Test Kits, Pumps, Cartridges, Auto-Injection Systems, and Other Medical Devices
  • Tablet Dispensing
  • Multiple Piece Component Assembly
  • Vision Inspection of Labels and Stoppers
  • Leak Testing


Benefits of using Automation in Medical and Pharmaceutical Fields

Manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical products benefit from automated assembly equipment because it provides:

  • Efficiency. Automation can produce multiple assembled products, inspect products for quality, and run multiple tests simultaneously to increase the overall efficiency of assembly processes and reduce the necessary labor.
  • Quick Processing. Automation saves time and produces consistent products faster than a human assembly line.
  • Increased Productivity. Since automated machinery can operate at faster speeds and with little human intervention, it can produce a higher output of products in less time. Automated machines also reduce downtime, which further boosts productivity.
  • Reduced Costs. Automation reduces labor and time spent on medical device assembly and inspection of products.
  • Improved Process Control. Automated machines can provide continuous feedback regarding performance improvement and optimization. This data can be used to make changes that will improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of a particular process.
  • Decreased Product Loss. Automation improves the consistency and quality of finished products by reducing human error.


Automated Assembly Machines at Central Machines

Automated assembly machinery for the pharmaceutical and medical industries delivers a variety of benefits that make them an integral part of your production operations. Central Machines’ equipment is made to meet and exceed critical requirements for FDA compliance. We can also improve the quality of assembly or testing equipment with specific controls upon request.

Our goal is to offer seamless solutions by providing complete construction and accountability from a single facility. Our technicians rely on conventional and highly-advanced technology, including wire EDM cutting machines and CAD/CAM software, to fabricate our components. For more information about our medical and pharmaceutical automated assembly machine capabilities, contact us or request a quote today.


ApplicationsIV Bag Fitments
Syringe Assembly
Closure Assembly
Devices Assembly
Multiple Piece Assembly
Types of Machines AvailableContinuous Motion Multiple Piece Assembly Machines
Continuous Motion Cap Closing Machine
Roller Die Liner Machines
Pick and Place Machines
Carousel Machines
Indexing Dial Multiple Piece Assembly Machines
Walking Beam Machines
Palletized Machines
Custom Designed Machines
Machine Production RateFrom 20 to 1300 parts per minute
Safety Guarding Options Guarding for pinch points and rotating sections
Perimeter guarding with clear polycarbonate panels
Electrically interlocked guarding
Safety Relays
Light Curtain
Standards MetFDA Standards
Post Production ProcessPassivation and Inspection

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