We manufacture custom automation equipment for the medical/pharmaceutical industry. All equipment complies with the strict standards required for operation in control room environments. Specifications for tooling and material finishing are followed to meet and exceed the demands of medical device manufacturers.

High speed vibratory/centrifugal feeding, part handling, filling, and assembly machines deliver great output rates that range from 20 to 1300 ppm. All our machines are fabricated from high quality stainless steel, and we also provide clear polycarbonate panels as guards in our equipment to ensure clear visibility and easier cleaning for critical medical applications.

Assemble Your Premium Product

We have a standard set of machine chassis configured for most common medical as well as pharmaceutical assembly applications. Our machines meet all critical FDA requirements for medical products. On customer request, we can also add specific controls to the equipment for improved quality in assembly and testing of products.

From each and every machine our customers can expect longevity and reliability due to our use of mechanical and servo driven motions. Our skilled work force is all under one roof, allowing for the complete construction, and product accountability, within our shop. We use both conventional and state of the art CAD/CAM and wire EDM machines to fabricate the components.


ApplicationsIV Bag Fitments
Syringe Assembly
Closure Assembly
Devices Assembly
Multiple Piece Assembly
Types of Machines AvailableContinuous Motion Multiple Piece Assembly Machines
Continuous Motion Cap Closing Machine
Roller Die Liner Machines
Pick and Place Machines
Carousel Machines
Indexing Dial Multiple Piece Assembly Machines
Walking Beam Machines
Palletized Machines
Custom Designed Machines
Machine Production RateFrom 20 to 1300 parts per minute
Safety Guarding Options Guarding for pinch points and rotating sections
Perimeter guarding with clear polycarbonate panels
Electrically interlocked guarding
Safety Relays
Light Curtain
Standards MetFDA Standards
Post Production ProcessPassivation and Inspection

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