Power Consumption of Automated Assembly Machines and Systems

Automated assembly machines can consume a great deal of power. In fact, many rely on notoriously expensive compressed air, which is required for many of the repetitive movements that keep the assembly line moving. Undetected or unresolved leaks in compressed air systems can increase power consumption substantially. Finding and repairing leaks is important to reducing the power consumption of automated assembly machines. 

Why Compressed Air Costs So Much

While consumers often buy compressed air in cans to safely clean electronics, manufacturing facilities need much, much more of this resource, so they use compressors to create it themselves. Though it may seem as if compressed air would be an affordable resource since it is being created onsite, this is not at all the case. The fact is that compressed air is one of the most expensive resources to produce. A case study by Quincy Compressor has shown that roughly 50% of all the compressed air produced by manufacturers is wasted, and this is a costly inefficiency. 

Do You Have Leaks in Your Air Lines?

Compressed air is a critical resource in almost every manufacturing facility across the country, and more than 70% of those facilities have a compressed air system in place. This resource powers numerous forms of equipment, but in most cases, automated assembly machines consume the most compressed air. Unfortunately, many of these facilities are using far more compressed air than is necessary due to almost unnoticeable leaks. Whether there is one leak or hundreds of leaks, it drives up cost. 

How Much Can Fixing Leaks Save?

Fixing the leaks in your compressed air system is critical to reducing energy costs. For example, if you have several leaks across your system, your compressor may be running at 75% capacity or more. This increases your energy consumption a great deal, and you may even be paying hundreds of dollars each month due to this inefficiency. Fixing the leaks in your compressed air system is an important step to improving your efficiency. In some cases, facilities have reduced the 75% capacity down to 50% or less. That 25% is equal to thousands of dollars each year in energy savings. 

The Importance of Selecting Efficient Equipment from the Start 

Another important way to ensure that your compressed air system is as efficient as possible involves choosing the most efficient automated assembly machinery available. Just as there are machines that are more energy-efficient in terms of electricity, there are also machines that use compressed air more efficiently, thereby reducing the costs associated with producing that compressed air substantially. When a facility’s equipment is more efficient, that facility can operate its compressors at a lower capacity and save hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars. 

Compressed air is an expensive, but absolutely critical resource in the manufacturing industry, and 99% of manufacturing facilities rely on it to a degree. To improve your facility’s efficiency and reduce your energy consumption, it is important to fix leaks in your compressed air system and choose the most energy efficient automated assembly machinery available to you.